How to Clear a Drain - with your Denver Plumbers

Our Denver plumbing contractors have seen their share of strange clogs. Whether you have a huge clump of hair, dog chew toy or an unfortunate, large goldfish stuck in your drain system, there are a few things you can do to try to clear it before calling in our Denver plumbing professionals.

Denver plumbing customer demonstrates plunger usage


The first thing to try is a simple plunger. If you have a toilet paper clog or something of that nature, a plunger is very good at clearing it because of the pressure created within the vacuum seal of the plunger head. It will push and pull the clog and usually release it either by breaking it up or twisting it so that it will flow down the pipe.

For bathroom sinks, plungers don't work, because of the opening in the top of the sink that allows air to escape the line and prevent pressure build up, unless you can find a good way to plug it. If you have a dual sink in the kitchen a plunger might work as long as you can plug one drain. You can either use a drain stopper or a wet towel to close off the drain and plunge the other side to create the vacuum you need to clear a clog. If you have PVC drain pipes the vacuum created by a plunger might loosen the pipe joints or even break the pipes so be careful to keep an eye under the sink while it is being plunged.

Drain Snake

If a plunger doesn't work, the next step is to clear it with a drain snake, sometimes called a hand auger, fished through the U trap underneath the sink. These snakes can also be used to clear toilet clogs and bathtub drains as well. The snake is a long coil of wire with a snake shaped head that is used to grind through the clog.

high pressure jetter used by Denver plumbing associates for clearing medium-sized clogs

A bathtub drain clog is almost always due to a tangle of hair. It can be cleared by unscrewing the tub plug and snaking an auger into the drain. Most bathtubs have a sharp 90 degree turn just underneath the tub. Once the auger head has passed this area, crank it clockwise to advance it along the pipe. When the clogged spot is reached, try to crank through it or thrust the auger forward to bust it loose.

Pressure Jetting

Main line and floor drains are best cleared with pressure jetting, as these clogs tend to reoccur and build up again in a relatively short time if not cleared completely. These clogs also occur mainly from grease build-up or tree root invasion. If you've tried a plunger and drain snake, but the clog is still there, it's time to call us. Our Denver plumbing specialists will bring in the pressure jet and get your drains cleared once and for all. We operate using both mini-jetters, to blast away clogs in everything from kitchen lines to building main lines, and trailer-mounted jetters to clear out larger drain lines, including for commercial buildings and shopping centers.

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