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Water Heater InstallationIf your water heater is more than ten years old, it's probably costing you more money than you realize. Water heater construction standards have tightened up in recent history, which means that you can actually save money every month on your water bill by switching to a newer model.

One of the biggest issues with older water heaters is poor insulation. Older water heaters can quickly radiate heat during the cold winter nights, which we happen to have a lot of. Not only do you waste gas or electricity to heat up your basement or water heater closet - you waste it over and over, as the water cools down and has to heat up all over again. A water heater can cycle several times in a night, wasting an unreasonable amount of energy on keeping your water hot for no one.

Modern Water Heaters in Denver, Colorado

Family Of Water HeatersBesides the fact that they're always more reliable, modern water heaters are much better insulated than their older counterparts, because utility costs are much higher than they used to be. Modern water heaters won't cycle nearly as many times as older water heaters, because the heat does not dissipate as quickly. Newer hot water heaters from Rheem, Bradford White, American Standard, and State can start saving you money every month by retaining their heat, and providing hotter water for when you need it most.

Time to go Tankless?

tankless water heaterWhile modern conventional water heaters do a much better job at insulating their storage tanks than older water heaters, Tankless water heaters skip the problem entirely. Tankless water heaters by manufacturers like Rinnai and Rheem are designed to only heat water as you need it, which means that no hot water whatsoever is kept in storage. Since tankless water heaters can keep up with your hot water usage, tankless water heaters can also provide a never-ending supply of hot water for an eternal shower. If you have a gas hookup for your current water heater, then we can install a new tankless heater for you in only a few hours. Give our Denver plumbers a call today to learn what kind of water heater is right for you.

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